What to Do If Your Teeth Are Causing You Pain

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What do you do when your teeth are causing you pain? If the problem doesn’t go away, we recommend seeing your dentist as soon as possible. If you are experiencing sudden tooth sensitivity or tooth pain, it is always a good time to check in with your dentist. Detecting problems early on helps keep them from becoming worse from requiring more invasive treatment.

Tooth pain can be caused by anything including something as simple as sensitivity to hot and cold because of exposed dentin which can occur with gum recession or a cavity, or a tooth that has cracked or chipped. If the pain is unbearable you may have an infected tooth.

Our goal is to help you be prepared for your visit, so before you come in, take a moment to put together a list of medicines you are taking, including all vitamins and supplements. It is also a good idea to list any allergic reactions you may have experienced with previous medications in the past. It can also be helpful for you to write down any questions for your dentist before your appointment, and before you are sitting in the chair distracted with the pain in your tooth. So, during your visit it is a good idea to go over the following:

Pain – when will the pain start going away, and what can I take for it?

Cavity – if I have a cavity, can it be filled with a dental filling or will it require a crown or root canal?

Treatment – how many visits can I expect to make for the treatment?

Prevention – what can I do on my end to prevent cavities from cropping up?

Fluoride – do I need more fluoride, and does our tap water have fluoride added to it?

Then there is the question of pain management. If your pain needs managing before we see you, we can recommend over-the-counter pain or anesthetic medications to help you. While you are waiting to come in for your appointment please keep your mouth clean to reduce harmful bacteria levels. Use warm water when rinsing, and brushing, as hot or cold water can irritate sensitive teeth. There are also toothpastes you can use to help with tooth sensitivity. Avoid hot and cold food and drinks until we see you, along with overly sweet foods that might trigger tooth pain.

If your teeth are causing you pain, we invite you to have them checked. To schedule a visit with one of our skilled dentists, please call our Family & Implant Dentistry team in Manhattan, Kansas at 785-539-5949 today. Drs. Mark Hungerford, Grant Witcher, Josh Walker, Curtis Snowden, and Rawley Philpott are dedicated to keeping your oral health on track!