What Is the Best Material for My Crown?

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Crowns can help restore your smile in cases where your teeth need help looking their best. In large part the material your crown is made from will greatly be influenced by the particular function of the tooth it is replacing. Typically, a dentist will give you the best recommendation for a crown that will work well and look good for a long time.

Front teeth and teeth that are prevalent in your smile have great cosmetic importance. In most of these cases your dentist will recommend a porcelain-ceramic material for these crowns. In fact, this is the type of material our dental office prefers. The advantage is that it can be color matched to blend with the enamel of your surrounding natural teeth. This material may be slightly more brittle compared to you natural enamel, so you will want to be mindful when biting off exceptionally hard and crunchy foods.

If the tooth in question has a prevalent role in chewing, such as a premolar, dentists sometimes recommend porcelain fused to metal crown. This type of crown has a cap of porcelain that is color matched to your natural teeth, mounted over a core of metal.

There are essentially two different options for molars. Base metal crowns are made from a mixture of non-noble metals. They are very durable and resist wear. The other option is gold which is also very durable. Gold is also a good option if you have problems with grinding your teeth.

At Family & Implant Dentistry we are proud to offer you same-day porcelain crowns that look natural alongside your own teeth. If you think you may need a crown to restore your smile, we invite you to call our friendly staff at 785-539-5949 to schedule an appointment. We are excited to bring you the beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted!