The Best Smiles are Possible with Tooth Extractions

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To make sure a person’s mouth remains healthy, there are times teeth need to be extracted, either because they have failed or they pose a risk to other neighboring teeth. When a tooth needs to be taken out, it is important for a patient to prepare for treatments before and after the extraction.

The best smiles are still possible with an effective tooth extraction recovery. Facts about tooth extraction recovery includes:

– Your body has a tremendous ability to heal itself, but don’t waste its precious resources elsewhere, so make sure to allow yourself time for rest. If possible, remove all types of strenuous labor and exercise.

– Listen to the instructions as directed by your dentist and follow them to the letter.

– If any hitches should arise during your recovery, contact your dentist as soon as you can.

– Swelling is likely in your face and mouth, so use ice packs to minimize inflammation.

– Take any medications exactly as pre-arranged by your dentist. If any pain perseveres, never increase the dosage, but rather you should contact your dentist.

– Oftentimes the anesthesia will make eating or drinking problematic. To prevent choking, do not eat anything before the anesthesia wears off.

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