What Are the Benefits of Periodontics?

Did you know periodontics is a highly specialized branch of dentistry designed to focus entirely on the treatment of periodontal disease and similar conditions that arise within your gums? If you have periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, it means your gum tissues are infected and need to be treated. If left untreated, tooth loss can occur. Spotting gum... read more »

How Jaw Pain Can Be Connected to Your Oral Health

Jaw pain is a common problem many people suffer with, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Jaw pain can be related to your oral health, which is why it’s important to visit your dentist, Drs. Hungerford, Witcher, Walker, Snowden, or Philpott if you are experiencing jaw pain currently. It’s common for your jaw pain to result from the... read more »

Caring for Your Gums

Most people think that it’s important to take care of their teeth. And we know that the consequences of not doing so--such as tooth decay--can be unpleasant. But adequately caring for your gums is equally as important. If your gums are neglected, gum disease can easily develop, and your gums, teeth, and other tissues can be irreversibly damaged. Your gums... read more »

Fresh Breath and a Healthier Smile

When you are taking good care of your oral health with daily teeth brushing and flossing, you might think that is all you need to do. But a simple use of a mouth rinse after your routine can help your pearly whites in several ways. Mouthwashes, depending on their ingredients, can help prevent gum disease, reduce cavities, make a canker... read more »