How to Ease Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety can strike at any age and is nothing to be ashamed about. If this is something you experience, feel free to tell our dentists all about it. That way we can prepare to make sure that your visit will be comforting, pleasant, and beneficial for your health. Here are some tips that might help you at the dental office:

– If you are feeling intense anxiety, just breathe slowly and deeply.
– Hold an item like a squeeze ball or a fidget spinner to help you overcome dental anxiety.
– You may feel too bashful to speak up if you still feel discomfort after an anesthetic, but it is important that you do so. Anesthetics work on different levels for each person. If you let us know, you can get the correct dose. We want to make sure that you are comfortable during treatment.
– Listening to calming music or a comforting audio book can help you during your dental procedures, especially if the noises of the dental office put you on edge. as some people experience dental anxiety based on the noises at the office.

To let us know about your struggles and to schedule an appointment with our dentists in Manhattan, Kansas, call Family & Implant Dentistry at 785-539-5949 and a member of our team will happily assist you. We’re here to support you.