Find the Best Toothpaste for Your Smile by Looking for these 4 Things

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As you search for the best toothpaste for your smile, it is important to look for toothpaste that has the following:

American Dental Association Approval
Make sure your toothpaste has been approved by the ADA. If it has been approved, it means that it has undergone many evaluations that have tested for safety and effectiveness.

Minerals are added to and taken from your smile each day, and sometimes more minerals are taken away and not enough minerals are added back, which makes your smile vulnerable to decay. If you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste every morning and every night, those minerals are added back to your smile and your teeth are protected. Fluoride toothpaste also strengthens your enamel and removes the plaque from your teeth, which prevents gum disease and tooth decay in the future.

Preferred comfort and taste
If you have sensitive teeth, you can comfort and clean your teeth with toothpaste that caters to sensitivity. You can also pick your favorite flavor of toothpaste. There are many flavors available, like mint, bubble gum, and cinnamon, and you are more than welcome to choose the paste that will give you an enjoyable experience. Please do not eat or swallow the paste.

Whitening toothpaste is not a necessity, but it is recommended if you wish to brighten your smile. There are many whitening pastes that can brighten your chompers as well as clean and nourish your smile.

If you would like to talk to your dentist about specific brands and products that will benefit your smile, we invite you to call our office today and schedule an appointment. We are delighted to help you find the best oral hygiene products for your smile, and we look forward to working with you!