Do You Need a Root Canal? Learn More About It Here

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You may have heard your dentist use the term “root canal,” but what it is and why do you need one? Dr. Josh Walker, our skilled dentist, can tell you more about the nature and benefits of a root canal.

The proper term for a root canal is “root canal treatment” or “root canal therapy,” as “root canal” actually means the inner chamber of the tooth, but the public knows the procedure as a root canal. Root canals are dental procedures that treat infected dental pulp to help save and protect teeth. The dental pulp is the area of the tooth that houses the blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerve endings and functions as the life force of the tooth. Damages or infection in the dental pulp can lead to the death of a tooth if the pulp is not removed.

You can preserve your dental pulp and prevent the need for a root canal by protecting your tooth enamel from being weakened and worn away. Threats to tooth enamel include dental accidents, injuries, tooth decay, and previous dental work. These factors can wear down tooth enamel and cause it to weaken and crack. If your tooth enamel is strong, it can prevent your tooth from needing a root canal.

We encourage you to visit our office regularly so that we can examine your smile for signs of weakened tooth enamel or infected dental pulp. To learn more about root canals in Manhattan, Kansas, you are welcome to contact Family & Implant Dentistry at 785-539-5949 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Josh Walker.