Cavities Can Ruin Mouths, so Prevent Them from Ever Occurring

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Cavities can turn even the happiest of smiles bad. They are caused by harmful acids that eat away at our tooth enamel, causing holes to form. The best way to prevent cavities is to attack the source of the cavities. Plaque buildup consists of bacteria that accumulates over time and uses the food we eat, specifically sugar, against us. It can convert sugar into harmful acids that chew right through our enamel.

Cavities can ruin mouths, so prevent them from ever occurring. Here are some ideal oral health care tips to use:

– Improve your oral hygiene by practicing more efficient ways to brush and floss.
– Use additional cleaning tools, such as mouthwash, to wash away food particles and harmful bacteria.
– Studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after a meal can facilitate the production of saliva, which has anti-cavity properties.
– Eat nutritious foods and try to avoid snacking at times other than mealtime.
– Brush your teeth twice daily with ADA-approved toothpaste and a comfortable mouth-sized toothbrush with soft bristles.
– Avoid sugary snacks and drinks. Sugar can be converted into destructive acids in your mouth that can eat away at tooth enamel.
– Floss daily with ADA-approved dental floss or an approved dental flossing tool.
– Visit your dentists at Family & Implant Dentistry for your regular checkups for oral examinations and professional cleanings.

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