Dental Services

At Family & Implant Dentistry in Manhattan, KS, we offer a broad range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services to help you and your family achieve optimal oral health. Using the latest dental technology, including CEREC one-day crowns and Cone Beam digital radiography, we are able to provide precise, thorough treatment in a manner that is convenient and efficient for you.

To learn how our dental services can help you with your specific needs, we invite you to give us a call. We will address your questions and explain all your options as we design a treatment plan with you. Please call our office today and schedule your next dental appointment with Family & Implant Dentistry.  Some of our dental services include:

CEREC Same-Day Crowns and Galileos 3D Imaging

A crown (or cap) is a covering that encases the entire tooth’s surface, restoring it to its original shape and size. A crown protects and strengthens tooth structure that cannot be restored with fillings or other types of restorations. With new CEREC technology, you can receive a crown in just one day! Please call our office to learn how you can benefit from this dental service.

Cone Beam Digital X-Rays

Cone Beam radiography is the latest digital X-ray technology offering dynamic versatility and superior quality imaging. Digital X-rays use less radiation than traditional X-rays, allowing for safer, more effective diagnosis for our patients. With Cone Beam’s 3D rendering of the mouth and integrated images, we can place a dental implant .04 mm away from the planned site. We are able to remove all the variables in placing implants with a new level of precision.

Implant Placement and Restoration

Dental implants are a solution for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. They serve as a replacement for both root and tooth and restore strength, stability, resilience, and support to the mouth and jawbone.

The implants are placed surgically to the upper and lower jawbone of your teeth. When attached, an implant will look and feel like a natural tooth and will enhance and restore your smile.

Intraoral Camera

With our intraoral technology, we are able to see firsthand how we can help you. In many offices, the patient is forced to take dental action based solely on the recommendations of a dentist. We believe that our patients deserve more. We want you to see clearly and unmistakably what is happening with your dental health, and understand how we can improve the health of your gums and teeth. Intraoral cameras allow us to monitor the effectiveness of our treatments, and how we can improve the ways we serve you. It also provides the ability to show documented information to other dentists and insurance agencies as needed.

Teeth Whitening

Like many people, you may feel unhappy about the color of your teeth. Maybe you have even tried over-the-counter bleaching products with little to no success. You need an effective way to remove the stains that give your teeth that dull, yellow appearance. With our whitening system, you can achieve that brilliant smile you have been dreaming of! Call today to schedule your next appointment and being improving the look of your smile.


Veneers are designed to help your smile look its best. Dental veneers are shaped and custom-made in a dental laboratory. When bonded to your teeth, they can make your smile beautiful and flawless. Veneers can enhance your smile by:

  • Cosmetically perfecting your smile
  • Correcting crooked teeth
  • Fixing misshapen teeth
  • Correcting severe discolorations/stains on teeth
  • Correcting teeth that are too small or too large
  • Fixing unwanted/uneven spaces between teeth
  • Repairing chipped or worn teeth

Please call us to learn more about how porcelain veneers can improve your smile.

White Fillings

A filling is used to repair a tooth that is affected by decay, cracks, fractures, and so forth. Composite or cosmetic (white) fillings can be closely matched to the color of existing teeth. In just one appointment, the decayed or affected portion of the tooth will be removed, cleaned, and filled.


Once your permanent teeth are grown in, there may be some instances where the tooth (or teeth) may need to be extracted. These cases need to be properly diagnosed by a professional dentist—any and all alternatives should be discussed when considering tooth extraction. They will answer your questions and give you the information you need to take charge of your dental health.

Root Canals

When the inner nerve of a tooth becomes affected by decay or infection, root canal therapy may be required to restore the tooth. Root canal therapy will provide full functionality to the tooth and mouth, and will not cause any future problems with adjacent teeth.

Preventive Dentistry

The professional dentists at Family & Implant Dentistry are committed to helping you achieve optimal oral health and preventing problems as early as possible. For early detection and precise diagnosis, we use the latest technology in the field, including Cone Beam digital X-rays and intraoral cameras. We invite you to attend regular dental checkups to maintain your dental health.

Periodontal Care

We work to maintain the overall health of your mouth, including your gums. To avoid advancement in periodontal (gum) disease, practice good oral hygiene, eat a balanced diet, and attend regularly scheduled dental appointments. If there is any pain or discomfort surrounding your teeth or gums, it is strongly recommended that you visit a dentist immediately.